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  1. Christine DeSerio

    Hello , I am a customer of yours and I purchased your (Brick Oven “All Natural “Artisan Tuscan Pane {White} and the bread had holes in it as expected but then on one side each piece had a huge hole in it. So because our family is such big bread eaters we only used it for toast . It’s hard to tell by looking in the bag I just wanted to make you aware of this thank you for all the delicious products you put out .
    Yours Truly
    Christine De Serio

    • admin

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you for reaching out to Jessica’s Brick Oven for product information. We are very happy to hear that you and your family enjoy our breads. Our breads go through a unique, slow rise, fermentation process. This gives our breads the unique flavor, texture, and open cell structure. The hole you are experiencing comes from the fermentation process and should be present within reason. If all holes were eliminated the flavor would be eliminated with it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and can assure you that we strive to keep the products consistent.


      Customer Service
      Jessica’s Brick Oven

  2. Brian H

    One of your distributors was making a dock delivery at a Market Basket store. I could smell the Cinnamon Raisin bread. I was there delivery Polar Beverages products. I ended up buying a loaf before I left the store. I ate half the loaf in my truck it was so good. I had to buy more at another MB store. I don’t have a store local to me that carries your products, but purchase mutiple loaves while making Polar deliveries to Market Basket stores. Still eat it in my tractor trailer during the ride before I get home. Even though I love raid on toast, most of the bread gets eaten fresh from the bag with a glass of milk or choice. I will be tasting some other of your breads as I go along. Thanks

    • admin

      That is wonderful to hear, Brian! Thanks and let us know what other Jessica’s bread you try next!


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